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Getting promoted as a woman can be challenging. This masterclass is going to show you how to claim your throne
Meet Your Host
My name is Marsha Flemmings. I am a Bestselling author of the book "Letters of Love & Legacy – A Mother’s Tale of Her Journey to Her Son". 
I am a Leadership Coach. I am the founder of Ripples of Legacy and my work has been featured on networks like ABC, CBS News, Fox & NBC.

Before becoming a coach and starting my own company, I did what any
good little Jamaican girl, born to a hard-working and self-sacrificing school
principal and a driven hotelier would do. I followed their example.

I went to school, got my education and built a career. My career spanned 19 years. In the first 9 years I averaged a promotion every 2 years. I was the highest-paid in my position. 

The last 10 years I absolutely killed at what I now know to be my gift. I was able to coach dozens of young professionals into promotions and leadership roles. 6 of those 10 years the top award in the company went to someone on my team. 

Listen, I’ve accepted it. I have the eye for talent, for potential and I
know how to groom winners and more importantly LEADERS.
I’ve been with this company for 10 years and I am thankful for Marsha Flemmings for where I  am today. I’ve worked in many roles but never really felt like I was moving ahead. I wanted the opportunity to work with Marsha because of all I heard about how she helps others accomplish their goals. I can tell you she grooms leaders and she groomed me.” - Nakeisha Rolle Harris
"I attended many incredible coaching events that Marsha hosted and I was impressed.
We have also had insightful sessions that propelled me to do more, reach further and
revisit goals that I had placed in abeyance because Marsha has a way of  repackaging my thoughts that allows me to move forward with more clarity and meaning." - Angella Ferguson
"While working with Marsha, her coaching allowed me to gain clarity about who I
am, the professional path I wanted to take and how I can get there. Her coaching  
allowed me to learn, understand and apply leadership principles that positioned 
me for growth in my company. I've received one promotion and expanded my visibility" - Antandra Hamilton 
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